Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Super Awesome Sensory Rooms!

Sensory rooms! Aren't they just amazing!? Imagine being able to do OT whenever you like with complete ease!! 

A sensory room is a luxury most families can not afford but don't let that put you off, there are so many little sensory tools that you can have in the home.  I am a renter so I can't have anything major for OT like a suspended swing or hammock from the roof or the walls painted a certain colour but I can however have a trampoline in the back yard which is a brilliant OT tool, there is also a possibility of a mini trampoline for indoors (the type your mum used in the 70's and 80's for really cool aerobics) They are around $50 at Big W or Kmart and are great for fidgeting kids to burn off some energy. We have one in front of the television so my daughter is able to watch a movie while moving around.  I've been looking around on Pinterest at sensory rooms and found some amazing ones I just have to share with you!

The first one is my personal favorite with the padded floor, so many climbing options and a great sized suspended platform swing.  I could just imagine my kids spending all day in there and loving every second of it! 

For the rest of us that obviously can't have something like this in our own home (I'd assume none of these are in an actual house anyway!) its a great idea to still develop a 'safe space' for your child.  When its all getting a bit too much for them they have somewhere to retreat to while they calm down their senses.  This can be as simple as a pop up tent or a structure made out of PVC pipes to form a small room within a room (fabric would make the walls around the PVC piping).  Some of you may have seen the black pop up tents for sale at many sensory shops which are used to block out the sensory overload, here is a link of what I mean:

As a cheaper alternative, Crayola came out with a glow tent a couple of years ago which was never intended for sensory help but its a much more affordable option.  Its also a black tent (slightly smaller) where they can draw inside with glow pens.  This is an ideal calming activity for a fraction of the price. Here is a link:

If you are looking to spend even less, I did a quick search on gumtree and ebay and they are also available there second hand.

So basically, Although you may never have a sensory room as such, you can still find affordable and fun ways to provide excellent OT/Sensory input with some simple DIY and research! 

What would you have in your sensory room???

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