Thursday, March 3, 2016

I'm Back!

I’m afraid I have been a terrible blogger.  When my daughter received her formal autism diagnosis 18 months ago it was like I fell down the rabbit hole.  I became so consumed in research, therapies, and basically just attempting to cope through it all that the only blogging I have really done since then is all in my mind.  The funny thing about only blogging in my mind though is that no one can actually hear my thoughts, so now, I promise to you all, I’m going to do my best to attempt to actually type it out to share with you. 

For 18 months now we have been essentially stuck in survival mode as her development continued to regress but regardless of the bloody hard time we have been having, I will still endeavor to show you the brighter side of special needs.  

Her complete diagnosis now is:
Autism Spectrum Disorder (level 2)
Opposition Defiance Disorder
Sensory Processing Disorder
Anxiety and Depression 
With her unique diagnosis comes very complex treatments making sure one doesn't contradict the other.  Each special needs child is different from another.  What I try/do for my daughter will not necessarily work for another however our experiences may inspire some ideas for your family.

During my time away from this blog I have learned so many great things through trial and error, (more) research, and from our incredible specialists so I will start sharing those things with you all too! 


  1. I just found your blog and love the things you have to offer. I have a son I suspect has Asperger's and SPD, but have never had him tested for either. Thank you for writing. It is all very encouraging. And I know this is on the wrong post, but thank you for sharing the comment someone made about planning a trip to Italy and landing in Holland. So, so true.

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